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RightEdge 1.0, Build 322 Available

Posted By billb 12 Years Ago
Posted Sunday August 12 2007

RightEdge 1.0, Build 322

Mandatory Updates

This build contains a mandatory upgrade for the Open E-Cry plugin.  If you use Open E-Cry, please download build 322 right away.

Other Plugin Updates

We've upgraded our Interactive Brokers plugin to build against 9.20 of the Interactive Broker's API.  If you don't know which version of the TWS API you have, please visit IB's API page at

In-Place Updates Beta

We plan on continuing our rapid releases to address issues and also deliver features faster.  As a result, we've built an in-place update application that will query our servers for any files that are newer.  You will receive the list of files and then have the ability to download and apply these updated or new files without having to uninstall or reinstall.  This application is accessible from the Help->Check for updates menu within RightEdge.

Searchable Online Developer Guide

There is now a search feature available in the online version of the developer guide.  There are some other aesthetic tweaks to the help both locally and online.

Note To License Holders

We discovered that the trial license file was marked as "Vital" in the previous installation and may be installed over top or removed during an uninstall.  We've since corrected the problem, however, it may be necessary to go to your customer page and re-apply your purchased license.  You can log into your customer page at

We have also added some features to the Customer area of the web site.  When you're signed in to the web site, you'll be able to change your password, email address and contact information.  Please visit this secure page here.

Bugs Fixed Since Build 321

  • 1108 RESO FIXE Optimization help topic missing images
  • 1101 RESO FIXE Make Position labels movable again.
  • 1104 RESO FIXE Sort of "Return (Dollar)" throws an exception
  • 1106 RESO FIXE Add configurable decimals at the symbol level
  • 1112 RESO FIXE Create an indicator help topic outdated
  • 1092 RESO FIXE Exception in live system with saved open positions
  • 1097 RESO FIXE Editor colors are ignored in VB
  • 1103 RESO FIXE Export the equity-curve-data to Excel
  • 1091 RESO FIXE Add setting for RTH data in IB historical data
  • 1096 RESO FIXE Percentage wrong on parameter tab
  • 1081 RESO FIXE In System Results->Position List->Bars Held column doesn'...
  • 1113 RESO FIXE Add Search to online developer guide


After the successful download of RightEdge, double click the RightEdgeSetup.msi file.  Follow the steps in the installation wizard and once the files are copied to their final destination, RightEdge is ready to use.


It is highly recommended that RightEdge is uninstalled before installing this refresh.  In addition to running the uninstall (located in the Start/Remove Programs in the Control Panel), it is recommended that the RightEdge program folder is completely removed.  After running the uninstall, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the RightEdge folder (the default folder is located in C:\Program Files\Yye Software) and delete this folder.

Reporting Problems

Trial users do have support options during their trial period.  Please see our support options here.  Gold subscribers have our full support resources available to them.

The RightEdge Development Team

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