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Indicator Based of tow other data series

Posted By kaizen 11 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday October 03 2007
Hi Guys,

Good work on adding the interest rates. Which brings me a question of how do I create an indicator that will accept two interest rate series?

I want to be able to view on a separate pain the spread between rates and the upward or downward movement between currencies.

Say I view a 3 yr chart of AUD/USD I also want to view the interest rates for AUD and USD as a separate plot on a separate pain. Does that make sense is it possible?


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Edited: Wednesday October 03 2007 by kaizen
Posted Wednesday October 03 2007
Sorry this was not answered sooner.

Unfortunately because we treat the interest as another set of "bar data" we really can't use the values to plot an indicator on another set of bar data.  At this the only way to handle this would be to do any calculations you needed on the interest series inside of a system.

Posted Thursday October 04 2007
To plot these values an a chart, you would need to make a user series.  The current release doesn't have it, but we plan on making it easy to access the current interest rate.  So the code to plot the current interest rate would be something like this:

SystemData.Series["AUDInterest"][symbol].SetCurrentValue(SystemData.AccountInfo.GetInterestRate(CurrencyType.AUD, InterestRateQuoteType.Close));

This would go in your NewSymbolBar() method, after you have added code to create the series in your Startup().


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