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RightEdge v1.1 Available

Posted By billb 14 Years Ago
Posted Thursday December 06 2007
We're happy to announce the availability of 1.1 of RightEdge.

Please see the release notes here for information specific to this version.

1.1 introduces greatly improved forex support.  This includes support for cross currency pairs and support.  Interest can now be calculated on forex transactions.

Stock traders can now trade stocks in or other items that are quote in a foreign currency.

An Oanda interest rate plugin (no subscription required) to facilitate working in different currencies.

We've also added support for MBTrading (data and broker) and Oanda (rate data only).

We now support FA accounts within Interactive Brokers.

There is a new plugin for IB data using the socket.  In subsequent releases, we will likely remove all dependence from IB TWS API versions.

Enhancements to our trading system classes

Additional utility indicators (Bar Performance, Floor, Ceiling, Round, etc).  Great for us in drag and drop systems.

and much more ...

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