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Posted By kaizen 11 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday December 26 2007
When does GetBarCount get called in the Data Base data Store?

Posted Wednesday December 26 2007
Are you asking when it gets called within the store code itself?  I don't believe it does.  But it does get called in various places within RightEdge, namely in the Watchlist code.

kaizen (12/26/2007)
When does GetBarCount get called in the Data Base data Store?
Posted Friday December 28 2007
I could not see when why it was called. So was trying to figure what it did.

I have just updated my data download adapter to ensure it updates previous bars which may have been open when downloading data and thus may have a different close value on them.

Posted Tuesday February 23 2010
I have complied the sample project in vs 2008,the RE version is 2010.but it reported error ,

error 5 “DatabaseDataStore” Does not implement interface member “RightEdge.Common.IBarDataStorage.GetBarCount(RightEdge.Common.SymbolFreq, System.DateTime, System.DateTime)” C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Yye Software\RightEdge\2010.1.0.0\Samples\C#\DatabaseDataStore\DatabaseDataStore.cs 19 14 DatabaseDataStore

Is the sampel project obsolete?

Posted Sunday February 28 2010
I think that sample project is out of date. We have released the full source code for our data storage plugins, so I'd recommend using that. See this post for how to get the source.


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