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RightEdge 1.2 Beta Build 357 (Magnum) Released

Posted By dplaisted 13 Years Ago
Posted Friday March 07 2008
A new build of RightEdge has been released:
  • When running live systems with lead bars, RightEdge no longer stays in lead bar mode until the first live bar is completed.
  • Support for code snippets added.
  • Check for updates menu item removed, added notification of new versions to Start Page.
  • System initialization (bar loading step) has been sped up.
  • Systems can output messages to the RightEdge status bar.
  • Trailing stop improvements - Trailing stop can now be specified as a percentage or as a fixed price point by setting the TrailingStopPrice property.  When using the paper trader, the StopPrice of the order will be the current price, and an OrderUpdated event will be raised whenever the stop price changes.


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