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RightEdge 1.2 Release Candidate Available

Posted By billb 13 Years Ago
Posted Thursday March 20 2008
Here's what's new

  • Winning Percent and Average Bars Held fixed in Symbol Results
  • Symbols with different expiration dates will now be regarded as different even if the dates are in the same month.
  • Sending output messages to the status bar works in simulation mode
  • Fixed SystemData.InLeadBars property
  • Fixed bug where Console.WriteLine() when called from within a system with a non-string argument was not working correctly.
  • Added option to automatically accept saved open positions when starting a live system
  • Added an option in the importer for bar timestamp in the data file to be the time at end of the bar instead of the start.
  • Allow importing data in descending date order
  • Saved live positions now working when using the paper trader.
  • IBroker.SetExistingOrders changed to IBroker.SetAccountInfo
  • Constructor overloads that specify the input series have been added to the series input indicators.
  • PositionManager.SubmitOrders property removed
  • When saving chart settings, the default name will be the name of the last chart settings applied or saved.
  • PositionManager.OrderSubmitted event is now of type EventHandler<OrderUpdatedEventArgs>
  • Added option to run full simulation before starting a live system
  • OutputManager.OutputLines is now a read only list, but you can use OutputManager.Clear() to clear the output lines.
  • Fixed bug where submit order dialog has too many items in symbol dropdown after stopping and restarting a live system.
  • Added option to specify what classes the autogenerated base classes derive from.

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