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Posted By momone 10 Years Ago
Posted Sunday March 23 2008
Hi All,

This is my first post. I think this product is going to be a great one. I've been evaluating several products in the past months and the closest I've come to a path I want to continue on is RightEdge. I spent a bit of time using OpenQuant, but it's really a shame about the lack of support and what I would even call a sense of disdain for the customers because they can't use the product without adequate support. "Adequate" is open to interpretation but I think RightEdge has the right idea and the people to help people make the most of a software product.

That said, I would like to suggest that the Start Up page in version 1.2 follow the "rule" and use the default browser set by the system. Right now it consistently opens Micro$oft Internet Explorer when a link is selected and I would rather not have that browser open. Is there a reason for doing so?
Posted Monday March 24 2008
Well, we don't really pick the browser that is opened, we leave it up to the operating system (i.e. we say, operating system, here's a URL, open up a browser).  If you go into file associations for HTML or HTM, you may find that the "open" command is set to iexplore.exe.
Posted Monday March 24 2008
Curious about something related to this.

From a command line could you try the command:


Wondering if that is opening in FF or IE.

Posted Monday March 24 2008
Good place to start. Thanks
Posted Monday March 24 2008
I double checked at the OS level. the default browser is Firefox, and file associations for htm/html are set to open firefox as well. Running 'start' opens up google in a firefox window. Yet when I click on a "Recent News" link in the RE start page, I get IE like Momone.

Edited: Tuesday March 25 2008 by mark0419
Posted Monday March 24 2008
Does RE use an IE based web browser control? This may be the problem.

Posted Tuesday March 25 2008
It is an IE control, yes.
Posted Tuesday March 25 2008
I think IE will only open IE windows.

Posted Tuesday March 25 2008
That's unfortunate.
Posted Tuesday March 25 2008
That's MS.

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