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RightEdge 1.2 RC2 Available

Posted By billb 13 Years Ago
Posted Friday March 28 2008
Here's a list of what's new/changed over build 358.
  • Trades with neither a profit or a loss are now not counted as either winning or losing.
  • Improved simulation and optimization speed.
  • Binary data store now creates data storage directory if it does not exist.
  • Added an Enabled property to SystemStatistics class.
  • Fixed a bug with the system statistics average profit % calculation as well as potentially other stats.
  • Fixed buy and hold statistics for forex symbols.
  • Fixed automatic position sizing for forex symbols.
  • Fixed a bug loading interest rates when there were no interest rates in the range of the system start and end dates.
  • Changed various size properties from ulong to long.
  • Fixed issue where if account equity was negative a position could be opened with a negative size.
  • Fixed bug where non-DnD indicators would not update in live charts when running a live system.
  • Fixed trade labels moving one bar to the right in live systems.
  • System results position list will no longer show pager when paging is not enabled.
  • Removed note in service setup indicating you could leave password blank and be prompted later.
  • Added command line option to run an optimization.  Use /O:optimization_file_name, where the optimization file lists the parameter name, low value, high value, and number of steps in tab or comma separated format.
  • Improved intelliprompt handling for generics and collections of generics

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