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RightEdge 2008 Edition 1 Available

Posted By billb 13 Years Ago
Posted Monday April 07 2008
The release of RightEdge is now available.  In order to facilitate our rapid release cycle so that we may deliver features and fixes faster, we've adopted a new versioning scheme.  Please see the relevant portion of the Purchasing FAQ for detailed information.

In a nutshell, our customers really appreciate our rapid release cycle.  To continue delivering features as fast as we can crank them out, RightEdge will now be released in editions.  If a perpetual license is purchased, bug fixes as well as the next edition will still be available free of charge.  For lease subscribers and subscription holders, nothing changes, except for that you get features faster.

All existing customers may update to RightEdge 2008 Edition 1 at no charge.

A note to our previous evaluators.  We have reset the trial clock on the RightEdge trial.  Everyone who has previously downloaded and used the trial to expiration will have a fresh 30 days.

Changes since build 362:

  • Fixed problem where using the paper trader in live trading for more than one symbol would produce incorrect fills.
  • PnL will be displayed to two decimal places in the live system position lists.
  • Added PositionID property to BrokerOrder class.  PositionManager will set this to the ID of the associated position before calling IBroker.SubmitOrder.
  • Added ability to export system breakdown results.
  • Added link to open sample systems to start page.
  • Fixed importing forex symbols where symbol name came from filename.
  • Fixed a problem where changing the symbol information would not prompt you to move the data to the new symbol in some cases.
  • Fixed a problem that would occur if there was more than one pending order for a pending position and one of the orders was cancelled.

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