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Chaining Indicators Question ???

Posted By rt6176 10 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday April 16 2008
Hi all,

I've been dragging a variety of indicators onto historical charts and chaining some of them together for testing. Some of these indicators allow chaining. Some do not.

Is there a reason for this?



Posted Wednesday April 16 2008

Indicators that need actual bar data (for a particular element, like open, close, or the datetime) can not be in the middle of a chain.  Indicators that just operate on a generic list of numbers can live anywhere in a chain.

It's worth nothing that the output of any indicator can be the start of a chain, as all indicators output a generic list of numbers.

Posted Wednesday April 16 2008
It depends on whether the indicator operates on series or on elements of the bars.  The range indicator is a simple example.  It's is defined to be the high minus the low.  It accesses these values from the bar, so there's no possibility of using something else as its input.  It could also be written to take two series inputs (which would default to the high and the low), but in this case it is not.


Posted Wednesday April 16 2008
I saw at another web site a real sweet Stochastics Indicator. It was an all in one. Depending on the values used, It became a Fast K, Slow K, or Slow D Indicator. It also allowed chaining to its input.

I liked this because any available moving average indicator could be attached to the input of this oscillator.

Is it possible for RightEdge's Stochastics indicators to have this feature?



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Posted Wednesday April 16 2008
I don't think we'll integrate these functions into separate indicators, but I will log a feature request to have these moved over to the style that allows them to be mid-chain.
Smile Posted Thursday April 17 2008
Here's a chain-able Stochastic K line indicator based on the 'SeriesCalculatorBaseWithValues' class. It can be connected to any set of input series or used as an input series to something else. Cool

The project is C# for VS2008. The DLL is compiled for RE 2008.1


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Posted Thursday April 17 2008
Very cool BigGrin

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