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Posted By Sidhartha 10 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday April 23 2008
Hi Guys,

I've been speaking to the Zen Fire guys about their data feed API today, and they told me that they are very happy to work with 3rd party developers. They are very open about 3rd party access to their API and support it.

Can I suggest you guys give Zen Fire some serious consideration in terms of supporting it's data feed 'out of the box' for RightEdge. It's hands down the fastest, most reliable live data feed I've seen. And a serious selling point for the likes in NinjaTrader.

Posted Wednesday April 23 2008
Is zen fire offered separately from ninja trader? I think I found their website but it seemed to be bundled. If you can link us to the API information and maybe put us in touch with someone who can get us a testing account we can investigate supporting them.

Posted Wednesday April 23 2008

I have an account with Mirus Futures. As I understand it they are one of the shareholders of Zen Fire.
They have told me told me a point of contact is a guy called Pat Shaughnessy over there.
If you e-mail him on he should be able help you.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

Posted Wednesday April 23 2008
We'll certainly get in touch with Pat.  Thank you for helping with this.  I'm a little confused though, if Mirus Futures is a shareholder, does that mean they're using the same API?  In other words, do we need to support both or does one implementation net us both?
Posted Wednesday April 23 2008
As I understand it, and I have to confess I'm not an 'insider', so I'm relaying what I've been told... a small collection of brokers based in Chicago set up the ZenFire operation. They own the infastructure and ZenFire name. These same brokers supply the ZenFire feed (currently via NinjaTrader - but they are in development with other 3rd party front end suppliers currently).

I assume their business model is "how can we differentiate ourselves as brokers? By supplying the fastest most reliable live ONLY data.". They do not provide historical data as I understand it. I believe that NinjaTrader store an amount of data from ZenFire as it comes in for historical charting purposes. ZenFire is a futures only feed that covers pretty much all the big liquid futures in the US and Europe.

I have to admit it's a little confusing. However, if you've never seen a Zen Fire feed I urge you to take a look. It is literally lighting quick and rock solid stable. It's never gone down on me, and is a multiple of times quicker than eSignal for live trading.

Pat should be able to clear things up for you. But I think bottom line is, if you want a ZenFire feed you will have to trade through one of about four futures brokers who 'own' the feed. But I think it's a very worthwhile string to have to you guys at RightEdge's bow. And hopefully should be relatively easy to implement (famous last words!).



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Posted Wednesday April 23 2008
Thanks again, I've sent off an email to Pat.
Posted Thursday April 24 2008
Just an update.  I heard back from Pat @ Mirus.  It was a very detailed and informative response.  I'll summarize.  Zen-Fire is the name they gave the package that consists of professionally managed and hosted exchange connectivity, order routing, market data, etc.  Mirus is a brokerage firm offering Zen-Fire.

Pat also informed me that they're about to make a substantial update to their API and recommends that we hold off implementation until that is complete or we risk having to start from scratch.

With a data provider that is this informative and willing to work with us, it's likely that you'll see this supported sooner rather than later.  I'll keep you posted.

Posted Sunday April 27 2008
Great stuff. Many Thanks.
Posted Tuesday March 23 2010
Any future plans for Zen-Fire support? I see you just released RE 2010. IMO, having Zen-Fire support would enable you to win business over from many NinjaTrader users who use this great live data feed.

Some links that might prove useful:

Posted Tuesday March 23 2010
It's on our list for future consideration. No date set yet.

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