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RightEdge 2008 Edition 1, Build 366 Available

Posted By billb 13 Years Ago
Posted Friday May 09 2008
This is an interim build that's a free upgrade for everyone.  Here are the release notes for this build.

  • Added IQFeed historical and realtime plugin.
  • Added support for detecting disconnections from broker or live data services, and automatically attempting to reconnect. 
  • This can be controlled from the live tab of the RightEdge options.  There is also a ConnectionStateChanged event in SystemData, and BrokerConnected and DataConnected properties to determine which services are connected.
    The broker can now override the account state that is passed to it by RightEdge.  See the documentation for IBroker.SetAccountState for details.
  • Added ability to add blank space to the right of the last bar on charts.  To do this, scroll to the end of the chart and then drag the right third of the chart's x axis to the left.
  • New build type in the project tree called "Embedded Resource".  This behaves like Visual Studio where an external resource such as a graphic file will be embedded directly into the generated assembly.
  • The historical data download window will automatically close on success when it is running as a result of the /U command line option.
  • Messages written to the standard output stream (ie using Console.WriteLine) by live data and data retrieval plugins will be shown in the output window.
  • Fixed an exception that would occur when running an optimization that included a symbol with no data.
  • Fixed an exception that would occur in live systems if using indicators which weren't shown in charts.
  • If the trial period has expired, RightEdge will now show a dialog informing the user of this instead of crashing.
  • Fixed autocomplete/intelliprompt for projects with multiple source files.
  • Removed a few cases where output would unnecessarily be sent to the console.
  • Fixed a bug where if there was an error saving the project file (for example if it was read-only or renamed) you could not exit RightEdge.
  • Fixed a bug that would occur if a chart without much data was zoomed way out and then the bars per page was reset.
  • Added a check so that RightEdge will not open project files created with later versions of RightEdge.
  • Fixed BarUtils.HighestHigh and BarUtils.LowestLow when using RLists with empty bars in them.
  • Increased width of date/time columns in live system window.
  • The status bar text will show if there was an error building the system.
  • Exported DLL only trading systems were erroneously re-creating BaseClasses.cs/vb when opened.
  • ClosePosition now returns a ReturnCode.
  • Fixed a bug where Position BarCountExit and Order BarsValid would be decreased during the lead bars when running in live mode and loading open positions.
  • Fixed bug where you could zoom in too far in a chart.
  • Fixed exception when there are fewer bars than the default number of bars visible and you try to display a chart from the symbol results.
  • If you have multiple system classes, the system class name will now be used to determine which one is used.

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