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RightEdge 2008 Edition 1, Build 374 Available

Posted By billb 11 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday July 29 2008
  • When running a live system, live data will not be started until after the system has been initialized.  This way the system won't miss any live data that is sent by the live data plugin.
  • Partial fills will not cause "special" orders (profit targets, stop losses, and trailing stops) to be cancelled and resubmitted.  This should fix bugs where the position manager would attempt to cancel a partially filled order, or it would reset the trailing stop when it was partially filled.
  • Dll-only (exported) systems should now run correctly
  • Added logging of overfills to the output window
  • Fixed a bug that would happen when an order was filled on a closed position.  The overfill handler would be called recursively many times and the position size would double each time.
  • Updated Open E Cry plugin to support OEC API 3.2
  • Added "Save Optimization Results" setting which will prevent the optimization results from being saved to disk if it is disabled.  This can save space but the detailed results will not be available from the optimization result screen.
  • Improved handling of historical data pacing violations in the TWS plugin.

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