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aggregate bar

Posted By lyedwards74 10 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday September 10 2008
I have to try to aggregae daily bar to weekly bar, with weekBars= BarAggregator.AggregateBars(Bars, (int) BarFrequency.Weekly);

but when run simulation,it says An exception of type System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException was thrown.
Value must be between 0 and -1, value was 1
参数名: nBars

how can i fix it?

Posted Wednesday September 10 2008
If you just need to use weekly bars for your system, you can use this Bar Aggregator System.  You run it with daily bars as input and have it output weekly bars to a file on your hard disk.  (You will need to change BarFrequency.Daily to BarFrequency.Weekly.)  Once you have done this you can use the importer tool to import the weekly data into RightEdge.

If you want to use weekly and daily bars at the same time, that is fairly hard to do in the current release of RightEdge.  If you show us your code we may be able to tell you what is wrong though.


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