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RightEdge 2008 Edition 1, Build 382

Posted By dplaisted 10 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday January 28 2009
A new build of RightEdge is available for download.  The changes since build 380 are:

  • RTH only option in TWS plugin now also applies to orders submitted
  • Bid and ask values are now correctly saved in the bar data editor
  • Orders passed to broker's SetAccountState method will now have position ID fields set correctly
  • Updated TWS plugin to use newer version of Krs library, and added ability to handle ApiCancelled and ApiPending order states
  • Fixed a bug with one of the constructors for the Highest indicator.
  • Symbols with an asset class of index can now be traded.
  • Fixed a bug when running a live system with saved open positions which require exchange rate information to calculate P&L.
  • The AmbiguousMatchException when running simulations may be fixed

It can be downloaded here.

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