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New Builds of RightEdge Available

Posted By billb 10 Years Ago
Posted Thursday April 09 2009
The following changes only apply to Edition 2:

  • Updated RightEdge to use .NET 3.5.
  • Added ability to edit ticks.
  • Added support for tick level backtesting (set the "Tick-level simulation" to True in the system properties to enable).
  • RightEdge won't crash anymore if colums.xml file is corrupted.
  • Existing positions are not set in a live system until it switches to live mode
  • BarsValid will not be decreased for the first new bar for orders submitted while processing order update events.  This will fix the problem where in simulations these orders would never be filled unless BarsValid was 2 or more.
  • Fixed bug where partial bar could be null in NewTick
  • Ticks generated from bars with the same timestamp will be sent in a consistent order
  • The last lead bar for live systems will have the end date set to the same date as the start date, so that if the bar is not completed yet there won't be out of order data errors.
  • Option to specify short margin (in symbol setup)
  • Fixed "Key already exists" exception when using an option with the same stock symbol.

The following changes apply to both Edition 1 and 2:

  • Added the ability to specify which order high and low are processed
  • TWS plugin overflow errors should be fixed.
  • Fixed an issue in the IB plugin where no "Last" was being reported on Index symbols.
  • Fixed bug where Short Profit % was always 0
  • Fixed "Show Raw" checkbox positioning when resizing exception dialog
    * Fixed equity curve when lead bars are used

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