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Datafeed Disconnect and Reconnect constantly

Posted By lksf 9 Years Ago
Posted Monday June 29 2009
I am writing a plugin, inherting from the IQFeed plugin, but modifying the tick handling.
For some reason once i Start the live data, it shows me one tick and then the output window starts filling with disconnect and reconnect messages.
Any ideas?
Posted Thursday July 02 2009
You should return an empty string from IService.GetError() if there is no error. RightEdge calls that method periodically to check if the service got disconnected. (Ideally there would be a better way for the service to communicate that it got disconnected, but we didn't want to make major changes to the plugin interface yet.)

Posted Thursday July 02 2009
Cool, it worked

although other things don't work in my code, but at least this was solved.

Thanks for your help!

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