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RightEdge 2008 Edition 2 Beta Build 13 available

Posted By dplaisted 10 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday August 26 2009
A new build is available here:

Please note that this build has not been tested extensively. We had decided not to release it so we could spend more time on fixing issues and further polish before releasing a build, instead of testing this one. However, this build includes a fix to a performance bug when using short bar lengths (ie 1 minute bars), so we decided to make it available to address the performance issues people were having.

Here is the changelist:
-The Open and Close positions lists (in the live data pane) now sort numerically where applicable.
-Project property grid has been updated and improved
-Custom frequencies can now be selected in the project properties
-Custom frequencies can define custom editors (which should derive from Control and implement RightEdge.Common.IPluginEditor) with the PluginEditorAttribute
-System parameters can now be edited directly in the project properties grid
-The low value, high value, and number of steps for a system parameter are now saved (and can be edited from the project properties grid)
-RightEdge will no longer crash if there is an error starting live data
-Further performance improvements, especially when using shorter bar lengths
-A failure to connect to the broker when starting a live system will no longer require a restart of RightEdge due to the system DLL file being locked.
-Each run in an optimization is now run in a new AppDomain, which should prevent memory leaks
-Message warning of difference between bar statistics and broker cash will no longer be output if system statistics are disabled.
-System results position list now shows bars held again, and P/L per bar is now correct. In addition, the Position class now has a BarsHeld property.
-FixedAmountPerPosition, UseFixedAmountPerPosition, and PercentPerPosition properties have been removed from PositionManager. They have been replaced by the Allocation and AllocationType properties. The AllocationType can be Percentage, FixedAmount, or FixedSize.
-TargetPriceTypes have been renamed, and new values have been added. Profit target and stop loss types can now be set in the project property grid.
-Fixed misalignment between holdings and cash which in equity curve, which was causing spikes in the chart.
-Fixed issue where TWS plugin would always round limit price to two decimal places for symbols with no tick size.
-TWS plugin should now ignore negative fills and fills from a different FA account than the one specified in the plugin options
-Symbols will now display strike price with currect currency symbol. Options and futures will now display strike price/expiration in many places (live system window, chart titles, data download form, etc.).

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