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Beta Build 14 Available

Posted By billb 10 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday October 14 2009
Here are a list of changes / fixes since build 13.

  • Optimization dialog will now show the total run count
  • Fixed loading optimization parameters from file on different culture settings.
  • Changes made to an indicator in the system designer will be reflected in the properties window if that indicator is currently selected.
  • Added help text to importer "Multiple bars found" error message indicating that the Time or DateTime import field may need to be used.  Data export will now use "Date/Time" as header.
  • System project file will be saved before running a system.
  • Fixed issue where out of order ticks could be sent to live system, resulting in exception (and system stopping)
  • Setting PL/SL type to None for position options will prevent it from using PL/SL (instead of using the PositionManager defaults)
  • Fixed IQFeed plugin to no longer send out of order ticks.
  • Fixed timing issue with TWS plugin where an exception would be thrown if the system attempted to cancel an order which had been filled, but the system had not yet processed the fill for.
  • Fixed DataStartDate for tick-level backtesting
  • Fixed exception trying to open tick data editor for symbol which already had tick editor open.
  • Performance improvements for processing tick data in live systems
  • Forex symbols set to "Default" bar construction will now use "Mid" bar construction.
  • Fixed misaligned indicator issue on live charts where the system had set a MaxLookBack for the bar data.
  • Indicators that modify old values can now work (they will need to be modified to support the ISeries.OldestValueChanged property).
  • Bars will not be considered "empty" if there were any bid/ask ticks
  • When NewTick is called, there should be partial bars (even if empty) for all symbols, even those that haven't had a tick yet this bar
  • Fixed some cases where symbol would not be chosen correctly when importing tick data (for example EURUSD wouldn't be converted to EUR/USD).
  • Fixed issue with forex symbols where there could be a "Can't convert from XXX to YYY" error when trading before a bar was finished.
  • Progress bar and percent complete on System Progress window will now be updated
  • ADX Indicator calculation updated

If you're interested in testing this beta version, please download it using this link.

Thank you!

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