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IQFeed plugin question

Posted By Zora 8 Years Ago
Posted Thursday April 08 2010
I am using the IQFeed plugin to manually connect to the data provider and download live ticks. What are the correct steps if I want to update the list of symbols being watched? When I first run the code, I do the following:


Now, at some later point, the list of symbols I want to watch has changed. Do I need to disconnect from IQFeed to update the list? Is it just enough to call StopWatching(), call SetWatchedSymbols with a new list and resume watching? What is the exact sequence of function calls I need to make to do this? Thank you!
Posted Thursday April 08 2010
You shouldn't have to call StopWatching, you should just be able to call SetWatchedSymbols() while it's getting data.

In practice I don't think we do this in RightEdge, and looking at the source code to the IQFeed plugin it looks like this will cause the symbols you are already watching to be requested again. I don't know if that's a problem or not. The source code to the IQFeed plugin is available, so in any case you can experiment yourself.

Posted Thursday April 08 2010
Thanks, I'll try to experiment with it some more.

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