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OptimizationSettings from file

Posted By erockenbach 8 Years Ago
Posted Monday October 18 2010
I'm doing some work in the optimization plugin and I was able to multithread the results, next step was to have one primary dispatch point that would kick off optimization jobs across a Right Edge server farm.  For this I figured loading each RE instance from a file that the dispatch agent places on each machine would be the best solution.  Do you have any example of the xml/file format for the LoadOptimizationSettingsFromFile in the OmptimizationPlugin?  Also is there a way to modify the Optimization plugin UI? 



Posted Monday October 18 2010
The format is described in the "Automating RightEdge" section of the help. However, you can override the LoadOptimizationSettingsFromFile method in your own optimization plugin and include whatever information in whatever format you like.


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