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Posted By ofthomas 7 Years Ago
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Posted Saturday April 23 2011
Is there a way to have an idea as to what RE developers are working on in terms of platform features? I would like to consider RE as an ATS for my trading to replace TS8, but it is rather hard to understand where the product is heading and what the developers see as the future. Specially when there is a maintenance fee that has to be paid every single year. Please advise.
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Posted Tuesday April 26 2011
We talk about what we are planning to do for the next version from time to time on the forums (often in response to questions such as this one). The main features for the next version are related to better broker integration for live systems: better syncing with the broker state after restarting a system and support for One-cancels-all and triggered orders.

You can see what features people are voting for and some of what we have planned at the RightEdge UserVoice site.

Also, there isn't a required maintenance fee. The gold subscription gets you free upgrades and prioritized support, but even without that you can still use the version of RightEdge you bought indefinitely, and purchase upgrades if you wish when we release major new versions.

Posted Wednesday May 04 2011
what is the ETA for RE2011? I am trying to determine if it is worth it to purchase RE2010 now or just wait for RE2011 assuming it will support more brokers. Also, can you provide a clear list of improvements that can be expected?
Posted Tuesday May 10 2011
We don't have an ETA for the next major version of RightEdge. We are working on it, but don't know when it'll be ready. We won't necessarily have support for any more brokers, though we would like to have an Ameritrade plugin if we can.

Below are some of the items on our plans for the next version. We probably won't get all of these done, but you can see what we're thinking about, and also the relative priorities (P1, P2, P3, or P4).


P1 - Save portfolio status per broker, and allow it to be edited. Portfolio status includes pending orders and open (and pending) positions. Broker plugins should be able to be started with a given portfolio
- DONE - Switch broker to be an app-wide setting
- DONE - Update saved portfolio data structures
- Add support (to PositionManager, live system window, etc) for loading saved portfolio
- If symbols in the saved portfolio aren't selected for running the system with, keep the information for those symbols saved in the portfolio without using them for the current system run. Updates to these symbols will not be processed. Add warning when starting live system if there are any of these.
- Modify paper trader to support loading a saved portfolio
- Modify TWS plugin to support loading a saved portfolio
- Save portfolio with service instead of with each system
- Create UI for portfolio editing (while disconnected)

P2 - When connecting to broker, check to see if the broker's outstanding orders match the portfolio's. If the broker can report orders that were filled while disconnected, then automatically update the portfolio. If there are still discrepancies, allow the user to resolve them.
P3 - When connecting to broker, compare the total holdings to the open positions in the portfolio. Warn and allow user to resolve discrepancies if there are any.
P3 - Allow plugins to be written (or possibly have it as part of the system or the broker plugin) that will resolve portfolio discrepancies instead of the user having to do it in the UI.

P2 - Update price or size of limit orders without cancelling them first.
- DONE - Modify order and broker APIs to support modifying orders
- Update paper trader to support modifying orders
- Update PositionManager to modify orders instead of cancelling and sending new ones for PL/SL if broker supports it
- Update Order APIs so systems can modify orders
- Update TWS plugin to support modifying orders if possible
P3 - Support if/then/OCO orders at the broker
- DONE - Modify order and broker APIs to support triggered and OCO orders
- Update paper trader to support complex orders
- Update PositionManager to use triggered and OCO orders if the broker supports them
- Update Order APIs so systems can submit complex orders (both for initial open position order and subsequent orders)
- Update TWS plugin to support complex orders

P3 - Update forex interest so that the transaction is sent from the broker

DONE: P2 - System statistics calculations should allow multiple positions for the same symbol to be open at the same time.

P1 - Log all orders submitted, filled, cancelled, etc when running live system

P2 - End of day trading: Let a user update historical data at the end of the day, then run the new bars in "Live" mode, and submit corresponding orders to the broker.
P3 - Users should be able to start a live system in the middle of the day without missing any data between the lead bars and live bars
P3 - Add support for disconnection/reconnection events in the broker and live data interfaces, and make sure it works with IB, where there can be two levels of disconnection (plugin to TWS and TWS to IB).

P3 - Support for level II/Depth of Market data

P2 - Add Ameritrade broker plugin
P2 - Support historical data for OEC plugin

P4 - Start a simulation with a specified portfolio.
P3 - Support Systemwide Margin

P2 - Multicore optimization
P3 - System progress and optimization progress are not modal dialogs, and give more information as the sim is running

P3 - Add support for historical data plugins which download historical tick data.
P4 - Historical data plugins should be able to report progress.
P4 - Update risk assessment plugin interface

P4 - Add symbols to watch list programmatically

P4 - Add indexers to ISeries and RList so you can do Close[5] instead of Close.LookBack(5)
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Posted Tuesday May 10 2011
To put it simply, I like the list. Mostly right on target it seems to me. Also, some of those items are very ambitious, like market depth which I suspect will keep you busy.  [grin]

Posted Friday July 08 2011
It's two months on since the earlier post/reply so I'm checking whether there's a current time guidance for RE2011. I'm just beginning my trial and several of the above are important to my decision of platform, wondering if I should make my decision on the assumption that RE2011 will be available in, well, 2011.

Posted Tuesday February 28 2012
When is the expected release for level II/Depth of Market data?

Thanks, Duane
Posted Friday March 09 2012
Hi Duane,

There's nothing new to report as far as expected release dates, I'm afraid.

Posted Monday September 03 2012
Is a broker / quote interface for TD Ameritrade still planned ? Thanks!
Posted Tuesday September 11 2012
cjerry (9/3/2012)
Is a broker / quote interface for TD Ameritrade still planned ? Thanks!

It's still planned but it will be after we get the core functionality of the next version working.


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