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Run System from Project

Posted By Omega1 6 Years Ago
Posted Monday February 13 2012

I've created an exploratory trading system in VisualStudio. Seeing as RightEdge seems to expect ".rep" formatted files how can I tell RE to load up my assembly so it can be run? Is there a way to generate a .rep file?


Posted Tuesday February 14 2012
The easiest is to start from RightEdge.

Select: File -> New - Trading System in the main menu.

When your system has been created, select:

System -> Visual Studio -> Create VS Project.

Then you will have both a .csproj file and a .rep file.

Posted Tuesday February 14 2012
Snakess69 is right. If you've already created a VS project and want to create a .rep, the .rep is just an XML file, so you can copy an existing one and edit it as appropriate.


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