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Import/Export a set of Symbol or Creation Batch

Posted By remi 7 Years Ago
Posted Thursday April 05 2012
Hello, I have created a few symbols in my rightedge.

I would like to share the definition of them to other people.

Is there a way to import/export the symbols definition? If so, how.

Also, is there a way to create them automatically with a batch? If so, how.

Thank you for your time.

Posted Friday April 06 2012
The symbols in the watch list are stored in the symbolconfig.xml file in the AppData directory (or whatever you specified with the /SettingsFolder command line option). So you can copy or edit that file.

An optimization plugin can control what symbols are used for the simulation, so that is one way to programmatically control what symbols are used for a system.

You can also programmatically modify the symbolconfig.xml file programmatically, but you have to do it outside of RightEdge since RightEdge only reads it when it starts up. I've attached some code that helps with this. WatchListObjects.cs contains the classes that are stored in symbolconfig.xml via XML serialization. WatchListUtil.cs use these classes to provide functions such as adding a list of symbols to a folder or deleting a folder.

RightEdgeLauncher is a program which allows you to type or paste in a list of symbol names and the launcher will create a folder with those symbols and then launch RightEdge with command/line options to update the data and or run a specified system with the symbols in that folder.

For a previous discussion of these topics, see here.


WatchListObjects.cs (503 views, 6.00 KB)
WatchListUtil.cs (502 views, 3.00 KB) (448 views, 23.00 KB)
Posted Tuesday April 10 2012
Thank you.

Is it possible to run automatically the simulation? If so, which argument you need to play with?
For Live mode, it is /L.

Also, general question, does RightEdge provide an API?

Posted Wednesday April 11 2012
You can run a simulation with the /S command line option. The full list of command line options is listed in the help:
RightEdge command line options

RightEdge provides many APIs that you use when writing a trading system or the various plugin types of plugins RightEdge supports. There isn't an API for automating the top-level RightEdge user interface (ie editing the watch list, running a simulation, or opening a chart). An optimization plugin can programmatically control one or many simulation runs and control what symbols are used, so in some cases it provides the right functionality.

Posted Wednesday April 11 2012
Thank you. That's awesome.

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