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Automating Chart Image Generation

Posted By andreas_clenow 4 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday October 07 2014
Quite often I need to use RightEdge to make presentations and reports, showing chart images after a system run. Without automation, this means that I run a system and then go over each of the instruments from the System Result's Symbol Results tab. It would be very useful to be able to automate this. 

* Is it currently possible to have a results plugin render a chart, with all the indicators, labels etc from the system, change some viewing settings of the chart and save as image?
* If not, is this something that could be considered for future development?

Desired specs:
* API interface to render a symbol chart in a results plugin, showing up just as it would when you double click a symbol under the Symbol Results tab.
* Interface for changing basic settings, such as time frame shown. Start/end dates for x-axis etc. Preferably ability to access the full chart object model, adding and removing chart objects.
* Interface for saving the chart as image.

Posted Tuesday October 07 2014
I have not done this but have thought about it before.

Rather than an RE API why not just use another charting library? Then you can put it into a results plugin and access all the data that way?

Then you should have full control over what the chart does separate to RE.

Just an idea which may/would be faster the waiting for a full RE api.

Posted Thursday October 09 2014
I do that as well at the moment, but I really like the RE charts and RE for automating a lot of other things. At the moment, I have automated RE runs every night that calculates a bunch of analytics, checks for trade signals and such, and then uploads results to a database as well as send email alerts. To be able to get the actual chart from the trading system would be a very useful feature. 

Just imagine a simple example like automated trade alerts. You could get an email to your phone with the trade alert, including the trade chart. 

For my current project, I'd like to run a trading system on about 100 markets and spit out nice looking trade charts of all of them, in the form of png images. This will be part of a research report, where I currently copy/paste these images one by one. If I use a third party chart library, I'd have to replicate all the trade points and other things that I already get nice and clean from RE.

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