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Saving Charts - Suggested improvements

Posted By andreas_clenow 4 Years Ago
Posted Thursday November 06 2014
RigthEdge produces very nice looking charts. They're great to use in presentations, especially with all the indicators and objects auto generated by trading systems. But, at the moment it's quite cumbersome.

Easy fix solution:
1. Persist last used file type in save as dialog. At the moment, if you go to Save As for a chart, it always defaults to bmp. If it have to default to something, pls make it png. Best to persist last used.
2. Enable standard shortcut key F12, for Save As. If you do this often, that little shortcut key can save plenty of time and frustration.

Tricker, but better solution:
3. Allow for programmatic creation and manipulation of charts. At the moment, a chart can be launched via code, but no handle to it is provided. You can make a default chart appear, just as when user double clicks on a line in the trades tab, but nothing can be done with that chart. Would be incredibly useful if you could get a handle to it, making changes to scale, objects etc, and automatically save a chart. If this could be done via a SysResults plugin, that would be stellar.

Posted Friday November 07 2014
I started looking at APIs to control chart rendering based on your previous suggestion.  It might be something I can add, but my immediate priority right now is to fix the OEC plugin.

Posted Monday March 02 2015
Is there an approx time for this feature to be released?
Posted Wednesday March 04 2015
I will aim to add a shortcut key and change the default file type when saving chart images for the next build.

I like the suggestion of an API to render and save charts, but that's a lot more involved so I don't have any definite plans to do it.

Posted Wednesday March 25 2015
RightEdge build 54 adds F12 as a shortcut key for "Save As", and will remember the image format last used when saving charts.


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