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Req: Include Description in Scan

Posted By andreas_clenow 3 Years Ago
Posted Monday January 12 2015
For more complex systems, it's practical to attach a Description string to trades. Position can be both opened and closed for a variety of reasons, and tagging the transactions with a text string helps analyze the system.

This string is added in different ways, such as:
pos[0].CloseaAtMarket("Trend Switch");
posOptions.Description = "Buy open. Rank: " + currentRank;

SystemData.PositionManager.AddToPosition(p.ID,adjustPosition,OrderType.MarketOnOpen,0,"Rebalance. Rank: " + currentRank);

So far, all fine. This text string (Description), shows up in the Position List, under each trade, well as in the Trade List. 

However, it does not show up in the Scan. It would be very useful to see the Description field in the Scan as well. This is after all what you see at trade time, if you use RightEdge for live signal generation. 

My request is therefore: Could you please add a field to the results plugin Scan, showing the description?


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