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Add Millisecond timestamps to the Tick Data Editor

Posted By LeftEdge 3 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday January 27 2015
For those of us using Tick data, it would be helpful to view the timestamps of each tick, with millisecond time resolution.  Often there are many ticks per second, so seeing the millisecond portion would be helpful to know which tick is which.  For example, one-second timestamps are not detailed enough to resolve any of the ticks in this view:

And in the case of bid/ask quotes in an active market, there are often many quotes in the same millisecond.  So for some "future-proofing" it might even be nice to see microsecond detail.  (Our data feed provides microseconds.)

Thanks for listening  Smile

Edited: Tuesday January 27 2015 by LeftEdge
Posted Wednesday January 28 2015
For the next build, I've updated it so that tick timestamps will be displayed with microsecond resolution in the tick data editor.

Posted Wednesday January 28 2015
Wow, that's speedy service!!  Thank you very much for the enhancement  Smile
Posted Wednesday March 25 2015
RightEdge build 54 has been released, which includes the change which displays microsecond resolution for ticks in the tick data editor.


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