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Evaluating RightEdge for Live Trading with end-of-day data and IB

Posted By MrGrey 3 Years Ago

Evaluating RightEdge for Live Trading with end-of-day data and IB

Posted Tuesday November 10 2015

after using another portfolio simulation software (WL6) for a while I’m evaluating RE as a replacement that seems to have some advantages. So I migrated my trading system from WL to RE and backtests are pretty fine so far. Now I want to take the next step and use the live trading feature with Interactive Brokers (IB) but have some questions I couldn’t solve so far:

Q1: Amount of live symbols
My system uses yahoo’s end-of-day data to trade (Market-On-Open) a maximum of 5 to 10 stocks simultaneously out of a watchlist containing 500 or more stocks. I understand and have seen in the forum that a live system needs live data. Unfortunately IB has a limitation of 100 quotes simultaneously. That number can be extended by subscribing one or more “Quote Boosters” that cause additional subscription fees. Is there a way to compute a large amount of yahoo’s historical end-of-day data without the need to have live data for all symbols?

Q2: Time zone settings
I’m located in Europe but trade American stocks via IB. Is the time zone setting of my computer relevant? Should it be aligned to American region settings and time zone e.g. for the NewBar() to work properly?

Q3: Using adjusted and unadjusted close
I know that within "Historical Provider Settings" of yahoo I can check or uncheck the adjusted close but what to do if I need both? The adjusted close is needed for the technical indicators to work properly and the unadjusted close is needed as a price filter to avoid entering simulated trades on a low priced stock that would have caused large commissions. Is there a way to have access to both close values or to calculate one from the other?

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