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Norgate Plugin does appear to be thread safe

Posted By dwalton 2 Years Ago
Posted Sunday April 24 2016
@NorgateData, the plugin doesn't appear to be thread safe. Using the watchlist and indicator functions work fine for a single simulation. However, when I run an optimization that uses multiple threads, many of the threads hang during execution. Is this a known issue and if so, is there a fix?

Posted Tuesday April 26 2016
We want to make sure that our plugin works fine both multi-threaded and multiple processes and can also handle background updates occurring during this too.
We'll ask you offline about this and see how we can replicate your issue and fix it.

Best regards,
Richard Dale
Norgate Data
Posted Wednesday April 27 2016
I just got the update and tested it. The issue is indeed fixed now. I sent you another email about performance during optimization though.

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