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Graceful termination after live execution

Posted By arcturius 3 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday July 19 2016
Hello Daniel, Hello guys, 

I am using RE as a command line tool to execute some trades. Wanted to know your opinion on how should I gracefully exit RE and terminate it from within my strategy once all intended live trades are done. I searched this topic in forum and found some posts, but didn't get the clear idea on this. Whats is the correct way to exit RE from my strategy so that all appropriate files, states are saved and nothing is lost by RE ? 

Looking forward to your reply. 

Best regards,
Posted Thursday July 21 2016
Posted Friday August 05 2016
Hi Pavel,

Unfortunately, I don't believe there is currently a simple way to do this.

Posted Friday August 12 2016
For the next build, I've added a StopLiveSystem() method to the SystemData class which will stop the live execution of the system.

Additionally, if the system was started via the /L command line option, and the /E option was also specified, then RightEdge will exit after the live system is stopped if no errors are encountered.

Posted Friday September 02 2016
Thank you. Really good news!
Posted Sunday July 09 2017
Hello Daniel, 

Can you please give us an ETA on the next build? It's been a long time....

Best regards,
Posted Monday January 08 2018
Yes Please, I was also just looking for this exact same feature and couldn't find the method.  Is there an ETA on the next build?

Thanks Matt

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