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Add selected symbols to live trading

Posted By roedies 2 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday July 20 2016
Is it possible to programmatically add an existing symbol from the watchlist to the list of live trading symbols during a live trading session. Using the GUI it is possible by clicking the 'add selected symbols live' and 'remove live symbols' buttons on top of the screen.
What is the programmatical equivalent of this action? Can anyone provide me with some code snippets to start of from.
Context : IB is only allowing 100 symbols live data stream by default. I want to be able to 'switch on and off' this life feed in order to stay within my 100 live tickers.
I'm using RE57 and IB as trading platform.

Edited: Wednesday July 20 2016 by roedies
Posted Friday August 05 2016
This isn't currently possible.  There is a request for it on the RightEdge uservoice.  It definitely would be nice and there's demand for it but would require major changes to RightEdge's architecture, so it's not coming any time soon.


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