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SP500 cant Download - CommonPluginException

Posted By mauric 3 Years Ago
Posted Saturday August 27 2016
Hello Forum
Ok i'am beginner with this Programm, but i know this application cant help me....... but if try to download SP500 i become everytime errer messages back.
so i can't Download this. I run with Windows 10 Pro 64Bit, IQFeedClient Please possible to become any help in me running test time Phase?


Posted Saturday August 27 2016

I hope are better to read .... sorry

It possible that RightEdge will connect to IQFeed to send Data, but IQfeed dont know nothing from this port?


Edited: Saturday August 27 2016 by mauric
Posted Wednesday August 31 2016
please don't write all together :-)
Posted Tuesday September 06 2016
Hello togeter
Unfortunately, I have
only 20 days to Evulation this software. I really have not ever received any information
it is on my computer or if I could somehow react differently. I have read that book slowly and find it
unfortunate that I could not get any feedback. How should I decide here, this is so regardless?

I still hope for a possible feedback.

Posted Wednesday September 07 2016
Sorry I haven't had time to investigate this yet.  I will try to do so soon.

As far as the trial period goes, you can request an extension by contacting support.


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