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Live Trading - RightEdge.Common.RightEdgeError: Did not have current price for VIX

Posted By lampalork 2 Years Ago

Live Trading - RightEdge.Common.RightEdgeError: Did not have current...

Crazy Posted Tuesday September 12 2017
Hi All,
I'm running a Live trading system in RE (latest build, i.e. build 57) using IB as a broker (using the IB plugin). My instrument universe is the monthly VIX futures and the VIX index. The trading system crashes now and then with the exception "RightEdge.Common.RightEdgeError: Did not have current price for VIX" (see full stack trace below). I have read that in the forum that there was a bug in the past related to timezone; to play safe i have setup the timezone of my VPS that runs RE on Easter timezone (same as IB default time zone).

Any idea where this could be coming from?
Thanks and regards
RightEdge.Common.RightEdgeError: Did not have current price for VIX
 at RightEdge.Common.SystemStatistics.9a147fab1fd8c97961786d7362c269cd9f4cbcf21aa7164c7e73c1173d31f63a(BarStatistic , TradeInfo , PositionInfo , Double , IAccountInfo , Dictionary`2 )
 at RightEdge.Common.BaseSystemHistory.SimNewBar(NewBarEventArgs newBars)
 at RightEdge.Common.Internal.SystemRunner.dcdeed9d37d14ee88e503253d532593bee558090e1aae004777221d797be24aa(FrequencyNewBarEventArgs )
 at RightEdge.Common.Internal.SystemRunner.ProcessBarEvents(IEnumerable`1 eventList)
 at RightEdge.Common.FrequencyManager.SendPendingBars()
 at RightEdge.Common.FrequencyManager.UpdateTime(DateTime dateTime)
 at RightEdge.Common.FrequencyManager.ProcessTick(Symbol symbol, TickData tick)
 at RightEdge.Common.Internal.SystemRunner.0a47cd2d592b74d6875689d88188567ef3769511202dc9a3d3f19c32f97ed123(Object , NewTickEventArgs )
 at RightEdge.Common.TickGenerator.ProcessTick(NewTickEventArgs args)
 at RightEdge.Shared.SystemWrapper.ProcessTicks(Boolean moreTicksPending)
 at RightEdge.Shared.SystemWrapper.ProcessTicks(Boolean moreTicksPending)
 at RightEdge.Shared.TradingModuleWrapper.ProcessTicks(List`1 ticks, Boolean moreTicksPending)
 at RightEdge.LiveSystemwindow.094a9e5c33b53c274a96fc9a713a16e286c5e4f74f05af6d14b6120084979b7f()

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