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Posted By lampalork 2 Months Ago
Crazy Posted Wednesday September 13 2017
Hi All,
I have now been using RE for a month. I'm now quite familiar with backtesting and i have started building a trading system for live trading (in paper account first!).
I'm doing swing trading; therefore i'm happy to get updated results on my strategies on a daily basis. I do not see any screen / tab in Live Trading where i can get basic statistics (like "system summary" in backtesting: APR, Drawdown, Number of Trades, etc.) or even more advanced numbers (like what we get with the risks plugin) ; i only see the "Live System" tab (with Pending order/Open positions/closed positions).
What is the best way for me to add such statistics in RE UI ? or to generate an email with all the stats i require? is there a concept of live system plugin? Would it be possible to add a window/tab in RE or add a sub-tab to "Live system"?
I have searched the forum extensively and i could not find exactly what i wanted.
Many thanks in advance
Kind regards

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