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Posted By lampalork 2 Years Ago
Crazy Posted Wednesday September 13 2017
Hi All,
I have now been using RE for a month. I'm now quite familiar with backtesting and i have started building a trading system for live trading (in paper account first!).
I'm doing swing trading; therefore i'm happy to get updated results on my strategies on a daily basis. I do not see any screen / tab in Live Trading where i can get basic statistics (like "system summary" in backtesting: APR, Drawdown, Number of Trades, etc.) or even more advanced numbers (like what we get with the risks plugin) ; i only see the "Live System" tab (with Pending order/Open positions/closed positions).
What is the best way for me to add such statistics in RE UI ? or to generate an email with all the stats i require? is there a concept of live system plugin? Would it be possible to add a window/tab in RE or add a sub-tab to "Live system"?
I have searched the forum extensively and i could not find exactly what i wanted.
Many thanks in advance
Kind regards

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Posted Sunday December 03 2017
Hello a question, with which platform are you working? because in the forex mac platform metatrader is the option to show the statistical results of each month and gives you many options how to distribute it
Posted Monday December 17 2018
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