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Some Common Questions

Posted By young 11 Years Ago
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Posted Monday July 21 2008
Here are some links to forum posts and resources that answer some frequently asked questions.

More to come.


How can I display Simulation results in a chart after backtesting?
Why don't my indicators or user series show up on the chart after running a system?
How can I show position entries and exits for my system on a chart?

How can I draw custom chart objects on my charts, and update them in real time for a live system?

Writing systems

How do I create a simple system?
How do I add indicators to my system?
How do I open a position?

How do I perform some processing on each bar after all calls to NewBar have finished for all symbols?

How do I access the system class from a symbol script and vice versa?

Why do the numbers in the System Results Summary not seem to match the Position List?

How do I make RightEdge fill orders at the end of day close price?

How do I debug my system?

How do I make RightEdge run using .NET 4 instead of .NET 3.5?


How can I customize the behavior of an existing broker or data plugin?

Is there an API to programmatically add symbols to the watch list?


How can I include code in my forum posts with the proper formatting?
The best way we have found is to copy the code from RightEdge or Visual Studio and paste it into Microsoft Word. Then copy it out of Microsoft Word and paste it into the forum post.

-- To keep this uncluttered I am going to keep this topic locked. For the time being if you see a good canidate for this list please PM me with the question and (if possible) a link to where this has been answered.

5 stars.

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