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ED2 B6 - IDataStore issue

Posted By mark0419 9 Years Ago
Nuclear Posted Monday March 02 2009
I was running my live data gathering setup (which simply dumps ticks and 1min bars to the data store) and ran into a small bug. I'm using the MySQL plugin I wrote on the IDataStore interface. At some point during the run, I lost my DB connection. This caused a GetTickDataStore() call to fail with an exception "must be a valid connection etc etc...". This is all well and good, however RE didn't stop there. It kept repeating the GetTickDataStore() request (at a rate approx 5-10 / second) indefinitely. The result was a cpu spiked to 100% and an endless stack of exception dialogs. I had to kill RE through task manager to stop the process.

Posted Monday March 02 2009
I've logged this as a high priority bug. Bug ID 1277.
Posted Sunday March 08 2009
This will be fixed in the next release.  Live data streaming will now stop if there is an error writing ticks to the data store instead of repeatedly throwing exceptions.


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