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Debugging Indicators using Visual C# 2008 Express

Posted By dbw451 10 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday May 05 2009
I found a way to debug RE indicators using Microsoft's Visual C# 2008 Express that I have not seen browsing through this forum. Instead of attaching to a running RE process, with this method Visual C# Express starts the RE process. The solution was found though this blog:

Although the blog is referencing Visual 2005 Express, I downloaded Visual 2008 Express last night and the debugging process works with RE. Here is an example to debug the SeriesCalculatorBaseWithValuesIndicator sample project:

1. Under the RE Samples folder, copy the attached .user file to the SeriesCalculatorBaseWithValuesIndicator folder and renamed the .user file to SeriesCalculatorBaseWithValuesIndicator.csproj.user (or create your own .user file based on the information in the above blog link).

2. Next, open the SeriesCalculatorBaseWithValuesIndicator.csproj file in Visual C# Express. Visual C# Express will convert the project into a Visual C# Express project.

3. Rebuild Solution (note: the new .user file tells VSE to build a debug solution).

4. In the project's bin\Debug folder, copy the newly built SeriesCalculatorBaseWithValuesIndicator.dll and paste it in the Plugins folder under C:\Program Files\Yye Software\RightEdge 2008 Edition 1.

5. In Visual C# Express, open the SeriesCalculatorBaseWithValues.cs file and set a breakpoint (F9) in the CalcNewValue procedure.

6. Start a debug session (F5) and RE will automatically load.

7. Open a chart in RE and then drag "Your Indicator Name Here" indicator and drop it on the chart.

At this point, execution should stop at your breakpoint in Visual C# Express.



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