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Real-Time Data Provider Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up real-time data for Interactive Brokers

RightEdge can receive data in real-time from a number of sources.  One of the most popular sources is Interactive Brokers.  To configure RightEdge to communicate with Interactive Brokers, a service must be configured.

To setup an Interactive Brokers data source, first select the Configure Services () option.

To add a new service, click the New... button.  A wizard prompting for information that this service needs will follow.


Select the Interactive Brokers service from the Available Service Plugins list.  Enter a name into the Friendly Name field.  This is how the name will appear when configuring a watchlist and assigning services to that watchlist.  For this example, we're naming the service "Interactive Brokers".  Click Next to configure the service settings.  For Interactive Brokers, there are no further settings required.  Since RightEdge communicates with Interactive Brokers through Trader Workstation (TWS), TWS manages the connection.  And as an additional note, TWS must be up and running for RightEdge to retrieve data from Interactive Brokers.

At this point, the Interactive Brokers data service is configured.  Now we can assign this real-time data service to a watchlist folder.  If you're not yet familiar with configuring watchlist, please review the Watchlist FAQ section now.

Now we can assign our newly created Interactive Brokers service to a Watchlist item.  To begin, right click any folder in the Watchlist and select Configure Folder.  The initial tab is named "General".  The Bar Frequency setting is important since it tells RightEdge at what frequency you'd like the data stored.  We recommend storing 1-minute bars since longer frequencies can be built from shorter frequencies through aggregation.

Next, select the Services tab to associate the new Interactive Brokers service with this folder as highlighted below.


Note: Saving tick level data is very system intensive in a single user environment.  This may cause poor performance.  We do however, recommend saving aggregated bars as shown.

Finally, we can retrieve real-time data from Interactive Brokers.  To start collecting real-time data, make sure Interactive Broker's Trader Workstation (TWS) is loaded and operational.

To begin retrieving data in RightEdge, select the folder or symbols below the folder you have assigned the Interactive Brokers service to by placing a check next to them.  Once the desired symbols are selected, click the Start Data Feed button ().  Data should begin displaying in the Live Data pane.

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Viewing Real-time Data in Charts

If you're successfully collecting real-time data in RightEdge, the next step is to review this data in a chart.  RightEdge will automatically update the chart as data is received.  To do this, begin collecting data by selecting the desired symbols by placing a check next to the box in the Watchlist.  Once the desired symbols are selected, click the Start Data Feed button ().  Data should begin displaying in the Live Data pane.

Note: Make sure that your Symbol Folder Settings have a high frequency of incoming bars (1-minute is preferred) and that you're saving the aggregated bars to your data store.


As data comes in as shown above, you can double click the symbol in the Live Data pane.  This will display a real-time chart.

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