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Trading Systems
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These trading systems are available for download.  We encourage all to share their trading ideas here so that they can be built upon by other members.

NOTE: We make every effort to ensure that trading systems are not malicious in nature.  Please make sure that trading systems are not run under highly privileged accounts (such as power user or administrator).

10 Newest Trading Systems:
System NameDescriptionSystem TypeLanguageAuthorDate Created  
Indicator Based Stop and ReverseDemonstrates a stop and reverse system that reverses based on the price of an indicator (in this case a simple moving average). Every bar, a stop ord...InformationalC#dplaisted1/15/2012Download Trading SystemDiscuss Trading System
Trade on Close SampleThis system shows how to use the SystemData.EnableTradeOnClose property and the SystemData.BarClosing event to write a system that trades on the close...InformationalVBdplaisted5/20/2010Download Trading SystemDiscuss Trading System
MultipleFrequencyLogicThis system shows how to apply the same logic to multiple frequencies simultaneously. In the sample, a Bollinger band violation system is run for 5 m...InformationalC#dplaisted4/6/2010Download Trading SystemDiscuss Trading System
Symbol Ranking SampleShows how to rank symbols according to some criteria (in this case the RSI value), and trade the top n (in this case 5) symbols.InformationalC#dplaisted3/31/2010Download Trading SystemDiscuss Trading System
WriteAsciiWrite bar data (OHLC) of several symbols from RE Symbol List to ASCII files. InformationalC#DrKoch1/22/2010Download Trading SystemDiscuss Trading System
Simple System With F# LibraryThis system is based on the system described here: FollowingC#bernadette11/2/2009Download Trading SystemDiscuss Trading System
Stop and Reverse for Edition 2Updated from the previous Stop and Reverse for use with Edition 2. This system demonstrates position reversal. When a position is opened, a stop loss...Band ViolationVBbillb7/19/2009Download Trading SystemDiscuss Trading System
BarsCheckerSimple tool that checks for missing bars and (too) big jumps between two consecutive bars. It will display for each symbol an error message wheneve...InformationalC#FlipFlop6/21/2009Download Trading SystemDiscuss Trading System
Watch List UpdatesThis program will update a watch list to add/remove symbols to match a text file. The purpose is to keep a watch list in sync with an index. It ...InformationalC#kaizen12/12/2008Download Trading SystemDiscuss Trading System
Simple Trading SystemA Simple Trading System... To see Trend FollowingC#babsevensix8/3/2008Download Trading SystemDiscuss Trading System
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