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RightEdge 2010 Build 29 Available

Posted By billb 11 Years Ago
Posted Monday November 22 2010

A maintenance release of RightEdge is available.  The following items have been addressed.

  • Fixed issue where "Ignore Bar Data Errors" option would not work.
  • Fixed issue where commands wouldn't work after opening a new tab (such as a quick chart) until switching to another tab and back.
  • Fixed issue where exception could be thrown when a system results tab was closed
  • Fixed issue in system results breakdown where the most recent period would always show 0 for the number of trades.
  • Fill quantity can now be greater than Int32.MaxValue

UPDATE: The following fix was initially listed as part of this build, but due to an error on our part was not actually included:

  • Fixed issue which, due to numerical precision limitations, could cause us to try to take the square root of a negative number when calculating the standard deviation.  This could cause indicators such as the Bollinger Bands to give results of NaN.

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