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RightEdge 2010 Build 34 Available

Posted By dplaisted 10 Years Ago
Posted Thursday February 17 2011
A new build of RightEdge 2010 has been released.  Here are the changes:

  • Fixed issue which would prevent settings being transferred when upgrading to a new major version of RightEdge.
  • Fixed issue with BarUtils.GetBidBar which in some situations could return a bar with a Close of zero which could cause a currency conversion exception.
  • Fixed issue which would cause an exception to be thrown when running a tick level simulation of Forex data.
  • Fixed issue where indicator visual settings would be wrong when using filled indicator regions.
  • New trading system templates now have logic to output information when orders are cancelled unexpectedly, which will help people running live systems.
  • System statistics (and equity curve, etc) will now use the bar start date instead of the end of the bar as the date for data points
  • Profit target and stop loss orders will now be sent/updated after every fill.  The previous behavior (which you can still get by setting PositionManager.UpdateSpecialOrdersForPartialFills to false) was that they would not be updated for partial fills.
  • Fixed PositionManager.RemoveFromPosition to take long instead of uint for number of shares
  • Fixed data import to support fractional values of seconds between 59 and 60 for time

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