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RightEdge 2010 Build 35 Available

Posted By dplaisted 10 Years Ago
Posted Thursday June 16 2011
A new build of RightEdge 2010 has been released. Here are the changes:

  • Added code to help diagnose OutputPane errors
  • Live system window will now show the current size of open positions instead of the gross size.
  • In TWS plugin, odd lot order warnings won't be treated as cancelled orders.
  • Added logging to TWS plugin
  • Fixed issue with TWS plugin where a fill could be missed if the order was submitted, cancelled, and filled within a very short period of time.
  • Added TradingSystemProjectPath to SystemData, to provide the path to the trading project to systems so they can read other files in the folder.
  • Fixed issues with cross-frequency indicators
  • Exceptions in bar data cleaner scanning won't cause RightEdge to crash
  • Fixed issue in TWS plugin where when reconnecting, the plugin would register the same fill again for partially filled orders.
  • Fixed issue in TWS plugin where partially filled orders couldn't be cancelled.
  • Added OpenInterest tick type. Fixed issue where open interest wouldn't be preserved when converting bars to ticks and back when running a simulation.
  • Added better support in IService/IBroker interfaces for notifying of disconnections and reconnections, and resyncing account state. Updated TWS plugin to request a resync after TWS regains connection.

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