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RightEdge Build 37 Available.

Posted By billb 10 Years Ago
Posted Friday October 07 2011
A maintenance release to address some outstanding problems.

- Exception dialog box and logging will now show LoaderExceptions from a ReflectionTypeLoadException.
- An invalid symbol definition won't be detected as a disconnection when streaming live data from the TWS plugin anymore.
- Added Clone method to SystemRunSettings
- Fixed issue where Open Interest would not be imported when using the import tool
- Fixed issue where bar data editor split functionality would divide the volume by the split factor instead of multiplying it
- Fixed issues with attempting to save read-only project file (especially when shutting down)
- Fixed issue where TWS plugin would ignore multiple fills with the same timestamp, price, and quantity
- Fixed Divide by zero error in TimeFrequency when period specified is zero.
- Frequency for UserSeries can now be changed
- Fixed issue where custom frequencies had to always have a partial bar or there would be a "Partial bar should have been generated after processing time update tick." exception.

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