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RightEdge Build 38 Available

Posted By billb 10 Years Ago
Posted Friday November 11 2011
RightEdge 2010 build 38

Release notes:

- Fixed SQL storage plugin to correctly handle differences between .NET and SQL date resolution. This will fix an issue where tick level backtests would get stuck at 100% and where there would be errors importing data where the timestamps would be rounded to the same SQL date.

- Fixed exception in OptionCalculator when calculating European style option prices- Purge data function will now also purge tick data

- Fixed issue where ticks would be missed when saving live tick data

- Fixed issue where bars wouldn't be sent when forex data of a different frequency was being used for currency conversion purposes, wasn't checked in the watchlist when the system was run, and where there was forex data for time periods where there was not data for other symbols.

- Fixed issue where currency conversion would fail when it wasn't supposed to.

- Added /SettingsFolder: command line option which allows the folder where RightEdge should store configuration settings to be specified

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