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RightEdge 2010 Build 42 Available

Posted By billb 9 Years Ago
Posted Monday March 26 2012
  • Updated OptimizationPlugin APIs to support any number of progress bars on the optimization progress dialog.
  • Multithreaded optimization support.
  • Added Histogram and Filled options to Line Type dropdown in indicator dialog
  • "Tick Data Editor Specify Range" command should now work correctly
  • If an order to close a position is cancelled or rejected, the position will no longer be considered "Pending Close"
  • Added SpecialOrderFailed event to PositionManager to notify when there is an error submitting a profit target, stop loss, or trailing stop order.
  • In system results, trade list will show trades in the order they were processed, even if the timestamp of the trades is the same. This fixes an issue where in stop and reverse systems, it would appear that a long position was opened before the short position was closed.
  • Fixed some bugs in the frequency selection dialog and in plugin settings editing (ie modifying data store settings)
  • Fixed "Duplicate Bars Recieved", ArgumentOutOfRangeException, and other errors when using Volume bars in a trading system
  • Added AllowDuplicateBars property to SystemData. Set this to true to allow duplicate bars for the same date for the system frequency (for example when using Volume bars).
  • Added IsTimeBased property to FrequencyPlugin interface. This property indicates whether the frequency generates bars based on the date/time of the input data. If true, and the synchronize bars setting is enabled, empty bars will be created for symbols that don't have any data during a time period when another symbol generates a bar.
  • Replaced CurrentDate property in BarStatistic with DisplayDate which corresponds to the start of the bar and CalculatedDate which corresponds to the end of the bar.
  • Added confirmation prompt for exiting RightEdge when running a live system.
  • In data import dialog, made it easier to distinguish between date formats in the dropdown.
  • Added GetCurrentPrice method to SystemData.

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