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RightEdge 2010 Build 44 Now Available

Posted By billb 9 Years Ago
Posted Friday May 25 2012

Here is a list of changes in this release.

  • Fixed issue with FilteredDailyFrequency which could cause "Out of order time" exceptions.
  • Fixed issue where a symbol's CustomBrokerData would not be available to the broker plugin.
  • Modified PaperTrader to allow derived plugins to create partial fills.
  • Properties window will now show properties for source code files and references.
  • RightEdge should work better with proxy servers
  • Fixed issue where FilteredDailyFrequency EndTime would not be saved correctly when using the Frequency editor.
  • Fixed issue where you could get a "Partial bar null" exception when using FilteredDailyFrequency as your main system frequency
  • Fixed possible exception in multithreaded optimization (progres over 100%)
  • When ignoring live data outside exchange hours (enabled in the live options), time updates will be sent in place of price data. This will fix an issue where using FilteredDailyFrequency together with the "Ignore data outside exchange hours" option could cause a new bar not to be sent when the bar end time was reached.
  • Added an overload to Position.CloseAtMarket() to take a description for the order.
  • Added source code to DataRetrieval plugin DLL to the RightEdge samples. This includes source code for the Yahoo data retrieval plugin and several others.
  • Added EntryTransactionType and ExitTransactionType properties to Position class. This makes it easier to write logic that works for both long and short positions.
  • Added PositionType.None enum value
  • Fixed issue where RightEdge could get into a state where most settings would not be saved correctly
  • Fixed issue with long system startup times with watch lists with a large number of symbols
  • Company name will be shown on the chart (if it's set up in the symbol information)

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