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RightEdge 2010 Build 49 Now Available

Posted By dplaisted 8 Years Ago
Posted Thursday June 27 2013
A new build of RightEdge is now available.

New features and improvements

  • Added virtual CalculateDaysUntilExpiration method to OptionCalculator to allow calculations on contracts where the expiration isn't on the third Friday of a month.
  • Added additional currencies to CurrencyType enumeration
  • Changed IBroker.CustomMessage to have a return type of object to make it easier to pass custom data back from the broker to the system.


  • Fixed issue where "Unable to cancel ProfitTarget or StopLoss order: Order not found" exception could be thrown in live TWS trading if an order was cancelled at IB at the same time as RightEdge was trying to cancel it.
  • Fix possible issue with IB orders getting rejected with message: Rejected - Long Entry IB error/warning 321: Error validating request:-'rc' : cause - GoodTilDate field is only valid with time-in-force of GTD
  • Fixed issue where filled indicator regions were not shown on live system charts

The updated version of RightEdge can be downloaded from the RightEdge download page.  As always, if you have any questions about these changes or anything else, don't hesitate to post a question on our forums.

The RightEdge Team

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