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RightEdge 2010 Build 50 Now Available

Posted By dplaisted 7 Years Ago
Posted Friday February 21 2014
A new build of RightEdge is now available.

New features and improvements

  • Added TradingSystemProjectPath property to SystemRunSettings so it will be accessible from optimization plugins.
  • Added PositionManager.GetPendingPositions overload which returns pending positions for a specified symbol.
  • The "/W" command line option now supports selecting multiple folders (by separating them with commas) and subfolders (using '/' or '\' to separate elements of the path)
  • The allocation weight for the buy and hold statistics can be set separately for each symbol.  See SystemData.BuyAndHoldWeights and SystemData.SetBuyAndHoldSymbolWeight().
  • Added Risk Assessment plugin source to RightEdge samples.
  • RightEdge now requires .NET Framework 4.5 and trading systems can now use .NET 4.5 APIs and features.
  • New /LicenseFile command line option can be used to specify the path to the license file.  This is useful if multiple PCs are sharing the same settings folder, as they each need a separate license.
  • When importing data, variable-length hours in time formats without separators are now supported.
  • Various performance improvements as suggested by user dnickless.
  • Frequency of progress updates during system run/optimization can be controlled via CommonGlobals.SystemRunUpdateRate property.


  • Added MACD indicator back (it was accidentally removed it build 49).  Also renamed MACDHist indicator to MACDTrigger for better clarity.
  • Fixed paper broker behavior when account margin has been exceeded (it will now be possible to exit positions).
  • Fixed VB IService samples to correctly implement IService.ServiceEvent.
  • Forex symbols set to "Default" bar construction will use "Mid" when downloading historical data
  • Added OrderHistory.cs to TWSCSharpPlugin sample source 

The updated version of RightEdge can be downloaded from the RightEdge download page.  As always, if you have any questions about these changes or anything else, don't hesitate to post a question on our forums.

The RightEdge Team

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