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RightEdge 2010 Build 54 Now Available

Posted By dplaisted 6 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday March 24 2015
A new build of RightEdge is now available

New plugin types

Watchlist plugins
It is now possible to entirely replace the watchlist with your own plugin.  Source code for the default watchlist plugin is in the RightEdgePlugins sample code.  In the same project there is a "SimpleWatchListPlugin" sample which shows the bare minimum you need to do to implement a watchlist plugin.  You can configure which watchlist plugin to use in the RightEdge options.

Symbol source plugins
This plugin type makes it easier to add symbols to your watchlist from various services.  You can add symbols from a symbol source to a watchlist folder by right clicking on the folder and choosing one of the menus under "Add Symbols From".  Depending on the symbol source, this may add symbols from a list to the watchlist folder, or it may display a dialog where you can search for or choose which symbols to add.

The Yahoo data retrieval plugin provides a symbol source to add symbols from the Nasdaq 100, Dow 30, and S&P 500.  The Interactive Brokers plugin provides a symbol source which allows you to search the available IB symbols and add them to the watchlist.  This should make it much easier to correctly set up IB futures or options symbols.

NOTE: To support symbol source plugins, new members have been added to the IService interface.  This means that services compiled for previous builds of RightEdge will need to be built with the updated version of Common.DLL, and they will need to implement the new members (SymbolSourceAvailable and GetSymbolSource).

For more information on Watchlist and symbol source plugins, see the Service & Plugin Overview topic in the RightEdge documentation, and refer to the RightEdgePlugins sample code.

Other new features and improvements
  • Source code for RightEdge indicators is now included in the RightEdgePlugins sample code
  • Tick data editor will now show timestamps with microsecond time resolution
  • Added F12 shortcut key for "Save As" command
  • In the system results position list, open positions with a current size less than the max size for the position will display both sizes (as "current / max")
  • Added /log:startup command line option to log time taken by different startup operations
  • Fixed error in IQFeed plugin where historical data update for multiple symbols would fail for all symbols except the first one
  • TWS error code 399 is no longer interpreted as cancelling an order
  • Fixed issue where no system results would be displayed if .NET 3.5 wasn't installed
  • Fixed sorting of symbols with expiration dates in Watchlist (for example, "ES 032016" will now be sorted after "ES 062015")
  • When saving a chart image, the last file type used will be remembered
  • Disabled unused server address and port settings for IQFeed service
The updated version of RightEdge can be downloaded from the RightEdge download page. As always, if you have any questions about these changes or anything else, don't hesitate to post a question on our forums.

The RightEdge Team

Edited: Monday March 30 2015 by dplaisted

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